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2022-Mar-26 - Wooroloo - Front and Back Doors #2
I've left it a bit late to log the last week of work so it's getting a bit fuzzy in my mind - here is a summary anyway.

The good news is that Linda is happy with the central back doors.

I have taken them down again, placed them on horses and applied primer to the trim around the glass and then top coat everywhere.

I have installed the front door - not hinged yet but various edges trimmed so that it fits in the door frame.

This door is extremely heavy - I had to get it up and down off the horses using a winch up trolley - about five rounds of adjusting it, trying it and adjusting some more - very hard work.

I just need to reinstall (not hinge) the back door and install the stair well window sashes and the street level will be almost at lock up.

However, I have let myself get side tracked with installing an electrical sub board - I am getting tired of dragging an extension lead up to the street level every day.

However - this took on a life (distraction) of its own and I have spent several days dealing with side issues.

This involves any potential conflicts with plumbing and ended up with a two hour session with Richard the plumber running through most of my future plumbing needs.

To assist in clarifying the plumbing I created life size templates of toilets, vanities, etc and placed them on the floor or ceiling to give us something concrete to look at.

At the end of all this process, the electricians are scheduled to install the sub board next Tuesday.

I had to purchase, transport and install gyprock for the sub board to mount on - this in itself consumed two days.

Finishing painting on the back doors

Front door installed

Working out where the plumbing will run