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2013-Sep-14 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #94
When will I start installing purlins ?

I was sure I would do 3 or 4 today.

Instead the day went entirely on preparations just as the last week has.

I had intended to get up at 5.00 am but the alarm went off while I was in the middle of a very amusing dream.I turned the alarm off and rolled over in the hope of continuing the story but the spell had been broken.

I was eventually out on site by 7.30 am, worked outside until 5.30 pm, then worked inside for a few hours.

We had experienced very heavy rain over the past few days and the sump pump that I patched up several weeks ago had failed again.

It kept throwing out the circuit breaker immediately that I turned it on and I am pretty sure that the silastic around the power cord seal has failed.

I could get a cheap sump pump from Bunnings for $119 or a more expensive one from Midland Cement for $286.

The advantage of the latter is that it has thermal overload protection - so if the float arm became jammed on by some floating debris it will shut down if it needs to.

I bit the bullet and ordered a Vortex ZSC-015.

They don't carry it in stock - it has to be ordered in. Hopefully I will have it in time to install next Saturday.

Anyway - as a consequence of the pump failing there were large pools of water around the house - right where I needed to work.

Fortunately I had a pair of wellington boots.

These allowed me to keep my feet dry while I spent an hour carrying calsil bricks and planks around to set up duckwalks.

The first job was to lock in the vertical level of 6 of the columns.

Two of the columns were already perfect and I used ratchet straps to move the other 4 inwards or outwards.

This took a couple of hours to complete.

After I had the columns aligned I wanted to lock them in by clamping on some scrap purlins.

This was very slow work and took me another 3 hours.

Next I needed to transfer the cleat positions from the outside beam on to the core beam.

I had to go up and down the ladder at least 33 times to record the as built distances.

Then I worked my way along the the scaffolding platform marking the dimensions on to the inner beam.

I achieved agreement between the two beams to within 2 mm which was very pleasing.

By now it was dark. I had some dinner, a rest and stacked floor boards for an hour or two.

Hopefully next week I can finally make some progress on the purlins.


I was at Midland Cement at 7.30 in the morning.

I picked up the sump pump and a fitting to change the connection to the new outlet orientation.

Then out to site where I modified the riser from the non functioning pump.

I had about 6 lengths of 40mm pressure piping which I used in conjunction with the new pump to empty out several of the lakes around the house.

I then installed the pump in to the well where it belongs.

By Thursday the site was looking nice and dry.

Ratchet straps for vertical alignment, duck boards

Temporary steel bracing

Purlin positions marked up at building core