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2013-Sep-7 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #93
A bit of a frustrating day.

I was up at 5 am and came home at 9 pm

I was expecting rain and thunderstorms for the first few hours and then relatively fine weather after that.

This is pretty much how it turned out.

Even though I had tarpaulins protecting the work area it still made work very slow - I had to walk around with an umbrella in one hand and tools in the other on my way to the work face or else I would have been soaked.

I realised that before I could apply the flashing I needed to resolve any outstanding problems at the edge of the roof.

After the flashing is installed I will no longer have access to this area.

Partly there was a need to clean out leaves, dust and sawdust and pull the insulation batts back in to position.

The main problem was the lack of support of the peripheral row of floorboads at the column sockets.

In fact one piece of flooring had been cracked by someone standing on it during the welding process.

My initial solution was to cut some 75 mm sections of some Z 100 purlins and attach these near the sockets.

I soon discovered that there was too much "give" in such an assembly and that I did not have enough headroom to tek screw the section on to the top sill of the metal stud frame.

I decided that I would use C section instead and purchase a right angle adapter for my drill to work inside the confined space.

I needed to vote in the federal election and also drive down to Bunnings in Midland.

Already I could see that it was not going to be a productive day.

I packed all the tools away, changed back in to my polite clothes and went to the local primary school in Wooroloo to vote.

My timing was very fortunate and I was able to vote almost immediately.

I needed to head home to reinstate the computer network (I had unplugged everything at 6.00 am at the height of a thunderstorm) and I was really craving a coffee.

I rang Linda to see what she was doing - it turned out that she was on her way out to vote and to have a coffee at the friendship café.

By the time I journeyed to Mundaring, Linda had arrived at the café so we had a pleasant catchup and then I headed on to Bunnings.

Unfortunately the right ange drill adapter was far too large to fit inside a C100.

I bought it anyway but needed to come up with an alternative plan.

First of all I decided to use two C100 sections back to back as this would be far more rigid and reduce the amount of give.

To allow me to join the pieces I bought a pack of small tek screws.

Next I realised that in order to lock this support on to the top of the stud frame I could pop rivet at the edges.

Getting a drill in to create the pop rivet holes would be awkward but was possible near the edge of the frame.

For this reason I bought a packet of 1/8th inch stainless steel pop rivets - these are very expensive but a sensible precaution in an area where the rain might penetrate during construction.

An hour later I was back on site and put my plan in to action.

The work went very slowly.

In all I have to install 6 props.

I also discovered that some packing was required in order to remove any bounce at the edge of the floorboards.

For this I used some existing galvanised sheet metal strip that I sliced up on the cut off saw.

I only managed to install 3 supports and one piece of flashing by the time night fell.

Still to go - another 3 and another two pieces of flashing.

I then had a rest, watched a little bit of the election coverage on television, stacked some floorboards and headed home.


I was becoming concerned about the approaching rain fronts and the side of the roof still being open.

I really wanted to make the temporary roof waterproof again.

I was up very, very early - did a full day's work for my clients and was out on site at 2.00 pm.and performed another 4 hours construction work.

I installed the last 3 props, attached the flashing with some silastic and reinstalled the cladding.

Just in time - it rained very heavily that night and next morning.

The cracked unsupported floorboard

New floorboard piece, support and flashing

New support at central socket

All supports completed

All flashing attached