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2022-Mar-19 - Wooroloo - Front and Back Doors #1
An interesting week.

For the last week I have been progressing the front door through all the needed steps of priming and top coat.

This takes about half an hour each day and it occured to me that I should really be attempting to work on the back french doors in parallel.

I looked around and figured out that I had enough bench space to accomodate two doors.

I asked Linda to help me extricate these doors out of the pile.

She went off her face when she saw that the glass in these doors has a dappled cross check pattern instead of a plain see through.

After thinking about it for 10 minutes I offered to replace the glass with some plain safety panels ($660 to buy from my local glazier).

We decided to wait until the doors were installed, have a look and then make a decision.

This meant the pressure was on to patch and prime them ready for installation on Saturday.


I had installed my "poor man's glazier rack" on Friday.

Saturday morning I finished filing and sanding down the last of the patching on the french doors.

I loaded these two doors, and the front door (extremely heavy) on to the rack and set off to site.

Once there I was extremely lucky to have Jim and Sandy turn up and help me get all the doors inside the street level of the house.

The installation of the french doors was very tricky with all sorts of cuts and tweaks needed to get wonky doors to fit in to a wonky frame.

I still need to clean up one wobbly edge on my next visit but I will be bringing a very good straight edge with me for the job.

Jim and Sandy both think the mottled doors look ok.

I am planning on bringing Linda out on Sunday for her judgement.

I'm inclined to go with them for the moment to keep my spending to a minimum.

If we are unhappy with them in the long term then I could get something made up and relegate the existing doors to the main hallway.

Front door ready for installation

One of the back doors

Progress by the end of the day