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2013-Aug-17 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #90
A good day !

Everything went as planned.

We arrived on site at 7.30 am (departed 4.45 pm)

The first job was to drill 6 x 12 mm holes in the 150 PFC of the front veranda so that Tanguy could install 6 more purlins.

While I was doing this, Tanguy was rounding up the purlins - 2 in the workshop void, 2 up on the upper steel works, 2 in storage. He also relocated the tarpaulins and washed down some of the purlins.

The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully - I performed 37 welds on the back veranda steel and Tanguy installed the purlins.

Towards the end of the day we both worked on brushing the loose rust off the back veranda steel and applying rust converter.

If there is a fine day during the coming week I might scoot out, wash of the rust converter and apply the primer.

Then I will be ready to lift the back veranda steel in the coming weekend.

We managed to get Tanguy home in time to watch a rugby match between France and New Zealand.


In the afternoon I headed out to site to wash off the remnants of the rust converter and apply the primer to the beam.

Both processes took a long time, especially with 33 cleats to work around.

I set up a flood light and finished off in the dark.

All cleats welded on

A really good weld

A really ugly weld

Rotary brushing off the loose rust flakes

Cleat side primed

Reverse side primed under flood light