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2013-Jul-6 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #84
I was up at 5.00 am and managed to make a start on site at 7.00 am.

It was very cold and the roof was covered in ice.

Whenever I went up on the scaffolding I had to be very careful not to slip and and had to wear gloves because even the scaffolding pipes carried a thin layer of ice.

Firstly - I had to drop the corner section of scaffolding down to a lower level so that it would not interfere with the installation of the diagonal.

This took a couple of hours - I needed to install two lower cross bars, move down the planks and then install new safety rails at the height transition.

I will test out if this gives me a comfortable working height and then drop the entire scaffold down to this level to install the back veranda purlins.

Now that I had easier access to the corner of the building I could work on shaping the length of steel I created last week.

I used a piece of cardboard to capture the profile of the beam corner and knee brace that the diagonal needs to mate with.

I scribed this on to the diagonal beam and then clamped some guide steels on to cut the profile with a 1mm angle grinder blade.

I remeasured the length of the diagonal using a long straight edge and roofing bevel guage.

I transferred this on to the other end of the diagonal beam and made the angled cut.

After this I cleaned off all the loose flakey paint and rust using a rotary steel brush and then applied rust converter.

I can't go any further on the diagonal as I have not yet created the cleats, so I moved on to the last steel section on Rosses' side.

I had prepared this one and a half years ago and it has been waiting all this time to be cut to length and mated with its fishplate.

I measured and cut this piece of steel and then welded on the fish plate.

Then I tack welded on its cleats (prepared two years ago)).

From previous experience I did not want to tackle welding in the dark so at this point (5.30 pm) I packed up and headed home (in time to watch a new detective series - Father Brown on ABC1)

Lowering the scaffolding

Transferring template on to diagonal steel

Rebate cut

Bevel cut on diagonal beam

Rust converter applied

Fish plate welded on to extension piece

Cleats tack welded