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2013-Jul-13 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #85
I had hoped to fabricate the cleats during the week but earning a living took precedence.

I was up at 6.00 am and started work at 8.00 am to create the cleats at home.

It took until 11.30 to cut, clean up, bevel grind and drill the steel bar.

I was out on site by 1.00 pm.

Because rain was looking likely and I expected to be working until after dark I decided to move operations under cover.

I dragged a large piece of 180 PFC on to the carpentry horse to use as a base.

I then clamped the diagonal PFC on to the base in the hope of straightening out the slight curve I notice last week.

I needed to do some measuring and calculations to mark out the positions of the cleats on one side.

Using the 45 degree magnetic clamp if was able to tack weld the cleats into position.

I deliberately concentrated the welding in the centre of the beam and kept tightening the clamps.

I was very pleased to find at the end of the whole process that I had managed to straighten the beam.

I stopped to watch "Father Brown" and then continued on to weld the cleats I tack welded last week on the east extension piece.

Previously I had done some rather ugly welds when welding after dark but this time I tried using a flood light and this made a big difference - the welds ended up looking reasonably tidy.

I eventually packed up at 8.30 pm.

I would have liked to complete the remaining seven on the other side but realised I needed to go away and think the measurements out a little bit.

It would have been nice to complete both pieces and prime then in readiness to install next week.

Maybe if work goes smoothly next week I will come out one evening, complete the work, stay overnight and get back home early the next day.

Cutting cleats from steel bar

Cleaning sharps and bevelling welding edge

Drilling purlin mounting holes

Finished cleats

Diagonal marked up and clamped

Using a magnetic clamp for alignment

First seven cleats welded

Extension steel cleats welded