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2022-Mar-12 - Wooroloo - Removing Temporary Roof

After the epoxy had set on my second attempt at resizing the front door - I applied the first coat of primer to one side.


The original temporary roof is now inside the completed street level structure and needs to be removed.

Over the last 6 months I have gradually been removing it.

Today I tackled the last front room.

First of all I had to remove a number of 4 x 2 s lying around in this room.

Then 3 braces.

Next I hung a cheap light fitting (and managed to drop the cover and break it).

I worked up to 8 pm removing all the sheeting and support frames.


I first needed to shoot in to Midland to pick up some oil based Classic Cream top coat and my repaired cordless drill.

Once out on site (quite late) I was very tired and not particularly effective.

I stacked and tidied up all the corrugated sheeting I had been throwing over the edge of the veranda.

I also removed the redundant bottom plates in each exposed doorway inside the street level (4 of them)

Painting the front door

Temporary light source, broken cover

Last room stripped out temporary roof