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2013-Jun-22 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #82
I was up at 5.00 am and managed to arrive on site as it was still dark.

This was intentional as I intended to survey several of the uncapped columns with the laser level.

When it is still dark it is much easier to do as the beam is visible to the naked eye when it strikes any surface and all I need to do is mark the scan line with a texta.

I had just enough ink in the texta and just enough battery in the laser to complete the job before both of them died.

It turned out that the corner column was 3mm too low but this was not a problem as I had intended to cut off 10mm to mount a corner plate.

Instead, I only to need to cut off 7mm and all would be good.

I experimented with a long light, straight edge and the spirit level to check that this fudge would give a good overall outcome and then I was able to proceed with trimming the column with confidence.

Previously when I had trimmed this column I had attempted to plunge the cutting grinder in by eye and ended up with a rather ragged cut.

This time, armed with experience, I marked up the cut line using an engineer's scribe and clamped a piece of guide steel in place for each of the four faces.

This gave an excellent, accurate result.

Next, I went to my stock of 156 mm x 10 mm plate and cut out a square of material.

I probably spent an hour faffing around clamping guides and supports on to the top of the column so that the plate could be rested exactly in a secure position prior to welding.

Ross came to say hello and we talked for a while - I have asked him to weld the plate on fully after my tack welding.

This column is very visible and I would like a weld that is not only structurally sound but also cosmetically attractive.

I can do a strong safe weld but all of mine look a little ugly.

After tack welding on the corner plate, and a knee brace I turned my attention to the intersection of two main beams up in the roof area.

These needed a small 75mm x 75 mm fill in corner square and again a knee brace.

By the time I had fabricated and welded in these components it was 4.00 pm.

All of today's work is in preparation to mounting the 4.2 m diagonal corner beam.

I had intended to carry on with some top coat painting up on the top structural steel but suddenly started feeling rather unwell.

I managed to drag myself around to pack up and drive home - but I think I managed to give myself a mild dose of food poisoning by thawing one of my meals out over too long a period.

I spent a rather unpleasant Saturday night vomiting and running to the loo but by Sunday morning I was feeling much better, but a little fragile.

During the coming week I will try to create the cleats (7 each side) for the diagonal corner beam.

Corner column top plate and knee brace - tacked

Corner fill in an knee brace at corner of building