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2013-Jun-15 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #81
I was up at 5.00 am and out on site at 6.30.

A couple of weeks ago I had cleared the undercroft work area so that I could work on the large beams.

I really needed a vice and a bench so I reinstated the woodworking horses, planks and vice.

There was one last back wall column that was still using a clamp and diagonal brace to pull it in to vertical.

I bolted on a little bracket, drilled a hole to take a long thread and adjusted the nut in to vertical.

Next I wanted to install a 2m purlin between the two beams to improve the stability of the interior columns

I spent a couple of hours cutting a purlin to length with various cutouts and bolted it in to place.

Once this was done, I was able to remove all the bracing for the interior columns.

With these out of the way, I was more easily able to tidy up the welding.

I did most of this welding last Sunday between showers so a few of the welds were a bit ugly or incomplete

I ground back some of the welds and filled in the missing areas.

Some of the high tensile bots I used last weekend were a little short - I replaced 4 of the 40mm bolts with 50 mm bolts.

After this I primed the welds and touched up some of the primer damaged while installing the beams.

By now it was 1.00 pm.

I had been putting off moving the hoist all day as I knew it was going to be a tough job.

It took me another 4 hours to get the hoist on to the trailer and clear away all the bricks and pieces of timber I had left about the roof.

Now it was almost dark.

I repaired the water proofing around one of the interior columns that was leaking last week.

I also measured the cleats on the diagonal beam I installed almost a year ago so that I could purchase an appropriate piece of bar to cut and drill.

Next week I should be clear to start working on the diagonal beam and all that entails.

Last adjustable thread

2 m purlin installed between beams

Welds tidied

40 mm bolts updated to 50 mm

New welds primed

Hoist moved off roof on to trailer

Columns and beams after roof cleanup