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2013-Jun-8 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #80
I managed to get up at 5.00 am and was out on site by 6.30 am.

I spent about two hours inching the hoist off the trailer.

This was tricky work, made more difficult by ice on the roof for the first hour until the sun came out.

I backed the trailer in to the same place as last week, spanned the space from the trailer to the roof with a pair of planks, covered this up with some timber sheeting and clamped on some 4 x 2 timbers to prevent the hoist rolling off the side.

After removing some more diagonal bracing and levering up the beams I was able to slide the hoist in from one end.

I wound the hoist half way up, then slipped carpentry horses in either side under the beam.

After lowering the hoist I installed the extension platform on top of the shuttle, a couple of packers and then cranked the hoist all the way up.

Ross turned up at this point and gave me both moral support and practical assistance.

I used a sash clamp to pull the beam in to its final alignment and then Ross inserted several bolts for me.

Then I needed to mess around for an hour or so getting the last bolts in and packing the junction to remove a rotation in the beam.

After lunch I repeated the same process with the second beam, finishing at 5.00 pm.


I was concerned that the ends of the beams were only clamped to the middle columns.

This made the beams vulnerable.

Around about 10.00 am I headed out to site to weld the beams on to their columns.

I don't know how such a simple job ended up taking all day.

Because the back wall columns interact with the central columns via the newly installed beams, I needed to set up all columns perfectly vertical before welding off the beams.

I needed to reinstall all the diagonal braces that I removed during the hoisting process.

This was a lot more time consuming than the removal process and it was not until 3.00 pm that I was ready to weld.

By this time light drizzle had set in and I had to interleave the welding with breaks in the rainfall.

By 5.30 pm I had finished and packed away all the tools.

Inching the hoist off the trailer on to the roof

Hoisting the first beam in to place

Beam secured, hoist removed

Lifting the second beam

Both beams installed

Braces reinstalled and beams welded to columns