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2013-Jun-1 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #79
I was out on site by 7.30 am and finished at 6.30 pm.

I finished off the welding of the second beam and touched up any gaps in any of the existing welds.

Some of the welds are a bit ugly but they are all strong.

I put away all the welding tools and then applied the rust converter.

Next I went back to the first beam and washed off all the rust converter.

I then started the process of moving the beam up on to the roof.

At approximately 160 Kg the beams are very difficult to move at all.

I was rather nervous about moving such a heavy object around but the enterprise went pretty much like clockwork.

Using the winch up trolley and the low trolley I was able to load the beam up on to the trailer.

Then I drove around the local park, on to my front verge, and reversed up as close as I could to the temporary roof.

Using planks, a number of pieces of pipe and both trolleys, I was able to coax the beam off the trailer and up on to the roof.

I then used the chain block to haul the beam from the front of the roof to the back.

By now it was 2 pm.

After a break, I repeated the whole process for the second beam and finished at 6 pm with darkness falling.

I would really like to apply primer to both beams before it rains again - so I will see if I can get out to site for a few hours on Sunday.


(Public Holiday - WA Foundation Day)

After a leisurely start I was out on site by 10.00 am.

The first job was to raise the beams off the roof surface to permit rotation while painting and to allow easy insertion of the hoist next weekend.

I brought up quite a few of the large calsal bricks and various gluts.

The beams are too heavy to even pick up one end.

I used a mattock as a lever to lift the beams up in stages to a suitable height.

Also, some of the cross braces needed to be removed for the moment.

All of this took about two hours.

Applying primer to both beams was a very tedious process, especially around all the welded cleats.

Eventually I finished at 2.30 pm.

I found the whole process a bit stressful as I really intended to spend the day building a gate at home.

I only expected to spend only two hours out on site but instead had to invest most of the day.

Next week I intend to dismantle the hoist in the computer museum and reassemble it out on site.

It is rated to to 450 Kg so should have no problem lifting a 160 Kg beam.

2nd beam welded and rust converted

1st beam loaded on to trailer

Coaxing the beam on to the roof

Using chain block to haul beam in to position

Beam roughly in position

Second beam hauled in to position

Both beams positioned and primed