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2013-May-25 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #78
I did try to get up at 5.00 am, accidentally got up at 4.00 am, slept in to 6.00 am.

Then I checked on one of my clients' applications and found an urgent problem that needed fixing - so I wasn't out on site 8.30 am.

The first job was to prepare a work area for the large 4.5 m beams so that I could easily roll them around while welding.

It took me a couple of hours to clean up scrap metal and rubbish and to sweep up leaves.

The beams weigh about 160 Kg and are very difficult to move.

I used the low trolley and winch up trolley to manoeuvre the beam around without breaking my back.

Next, I used a wire brush on an angle grinder to remove all the rust flakes.

After that, I marked out 400 mm spacings, nicked the metal with a 1mm blade and then ground the face in preparation for welding.

It took a couple of hours to tack weld the 22 cleats in position.

Then probably another 4 hours to weld the cleats on completely.

I made sure I staggered all the welding to avoid warping the beam.

Tomorrow I will go back and try to finish the second beam as well as rust converting an perhaps apply a primer coat.


Slow start to the day - I was out on site around 9.00 am.

I used the rotary wire brush to remove all welding slag and touched up a few of the welds.

I also drilled the four mounting holes out to 12 mm.

It took quite a bit of work to move the completed beam out and the next raw beam in.

The next beam needed exactly the same step.

I side tracked slightly to drill out its holes to 12 mm and to rust convert the completed beam I had taken outside.

In theory, as darkness descended, I was free to just complete the welding.

However, my lighting was not good enough.

I found myself attempting to weld by torchlight.

I am not happy with a couple of the welds and next week I will grind them out and redo them.

Almost finished on the second beam - maybe an hour or two to go.

Beam in working position

All rust wire brushed off

Cleats tack welded on

First beam taken outside again

Second beam with cleats tack welded