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2013-May-18 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #77
I managed to get myself up at 5.00 am and started work at 7.00 am.

I stopped at 5.00 pm.

I had been anxiously watching the weather forecast all week.

I needed to remove the roof sheeting, insert the finished columns, make adjustments, brace the columns and make the roof waterproof - all without rainfall.

I finished this all by 2.00 pm but I still wanted to brace the columns in the other direction.

There was one problem - I needed to join these braces to the braces holding the back beam.

The other weekend I had a go at setting this up dead vertical but when I released the tension from the chain block, even though the brace was clamped, the columns would just spring back to their original position.

There was too much slop in the brace and its ground bracket.

I tried all this again, and a variety of other ideas but I did not have any success.

Then, after two hours of frustration, suddenly the solution came to me:

I really needed an adjustable tension thread.

One half was achievable by drilling through the beam clamped timber at a very acute angle.

The other half needed a right angle bolted on.

This system worked very well and I installed it on the two middle columns at the back wall.

This then allowed me to bolt on braces going to the two new columns and I had them set up rock solid and accurately vertical.

By now it was 5 pm and becoming dark.

I was wondering how I was going to bring all the tools down from the roof.

Then it occurred to me that I could run a wheelbarrow up on to the roof and bring them all down in one trip.

I had some dinner, a bit of a break and then packed all the tools away properly.

Hopefully, this week, Ross can mig weld the columns in their sockets from underneath in the garage area.

I also need to install the adjustable tension thread on the remaining two columns next weekend.

Roof opened up again and columns inserted

Inserted column viewed from underneath

Sheeting reworked to fit around columns

Gaffa tape used to achieve water proofing

Adjustable tension thread

Bracing achieved by the end of day