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2013-May-11 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #76
I managed to get myself up at 5.00 am and out to site by 6.30.

I stopped work around 6.00 pm.

I was hoping to expose the sockets from underneath (removing gyprock), cut the columns to length, cut up the top plates, weld them on, install them, tack weld them and rework the roof sheeting.

In the end I managed to construct the columns and plates but I ran out of time to install them.

To expose the sockets from underneath I needed to remove part of the gyprock ceiling.

While installing some of the sheeting I had remembered not to glue it.

However, there was one large sheet that I forgot to tell Peter to leave out the glue.

This means I had to rule and score two lines with a stanley knife in to the gyprock, cut a hand hole and snap off two sections of board.

I vacuumed up the plaster dust and went on to the next job.

This was to use the cut off saw to trim the two columns (75 mm SHS 4mm) to the length marked last week.

Then I used a 1 mm x 125 mm disk to cut up two pieces of 155 x 152 x 10 mm top plate.

The welding took a very long time.

The first column I messed around setting the column up on the vertical and the plate on the horizontal before welding it.

This was a very stupid idea and took for ever.

The second column I just set it up on the bench, packed it up to the appropriate level and then attached the plate with a magnet clamp before applying a few tack welds.

I then set the column upside down vertically so that I had a relatively easy weld.

Again the welding took me a long time.

Finally I went up on the temporary roof and reinstalled the edge capping.

This involved cutting out notches to allow for the columns.

By now it was dark and time to pack up and head home.

Gyprock removed

Socket exposed from underneath

Cutting up top plate

Plates ready for welding on to columns

Columns complete

Fitting edge capping around columns