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2013-May-4 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #75
Tried to get up at 5.00 am but did not succeed.

As a result, I was out on site at 7.30 am and left at 6.00 pm.

When I first arrived I did some tidying up - loaded up various rubbish, old hoses, broken plastic pipes to eventually take to the tip from home.

There was a little job to finish off from last week.

On of the cross arms supporting the back beam had a 2mm deviation in it.

I packed the gap up with several plates of galvanised iron and then completed tightening the bolts.

Finally I coated the last remaining bolts with primer.

Next I started working on inserting the columns for the large span.

I went up on to the temporary roof, removed a few sheets 4.5 metres from the back edge, cut out the insulation sheeting, and exposed the two sockets that had been incorporated in to the structure several years ago.

I needed to cut some of the temporary frame cross bracing and cut out a little of the floor boards still impinging on the sockets.

The first column was very fiddly and took a lot of grinding before I could insert it fully in to the socket.

The second column was easier.

I did some calculations and measured the cutting point on to the columns relative to the floorboards.

Because there could possibly be some error in the floorboards, I also took laser level sighting against the new columns and the back wall columns, did some arithmetic and compared the numbers.

Everything agreed to within 2mm which is the margin of error on the laser level.

I still need to cut these columns to length and weld on some 10 mm top plates so at this stage I need to remove them and just replace the temporary roof sheeting.

I stored away the columns, refastened the sheeting and stowed away all the tools.

Perhaps next week I will be able to complete the columns and tack weld them in to their sockets.

Temporary roof removed to expose insulation

One of the sockets exposed

Socket detail

Column inserted

Both columns inserted and aligned