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2013-Apr-27 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #74
Saturday morning, I was still tanked up on anti-inflammatories I took for a bad back spasm.

When the alarm sounded at 5.00 am I rolled over and went back to sleep until 7.00 am.

Then a very slow start and out on site by 9.00 am (left 7.00 pm).

I spent most of the morning completing various tidy up tasks I had been putting off for a while and quite enjoyed them.

I had also brought along a small electric mulcher I had bought five years ago for $50.

I was just itching to see if this would work on all the bamboo we pruned the other week.

It worked surprisingly well apart from a tendancy to jam up periodically if not carefully fed.

Around middday, one o'clock, I went up on the roof to work on cranking the columns back to vertical.

For the first column I ended up needing to use the chain block and clamped off against a timber diagonal.

For an autumn day it was surprisingly hot out on the corrugated iron and I found myself flagging.

I was contemplating taking a short nap when Ian popped in for a visit.

We had a coffee and chatted away for a couple of hours.

By now it had cooled down outside and I had regained some energy

Ian very kindly helped me align and clamp the columns and headed off as dusk approached.

I continued on, tightened up all the high tensile bolts and then liberally coated each one with primer top and bottom.

Not a huge amount of progress today but quite a pleasant day.

Next week I start working on the columns for supporting the other ends of the large span beams.

This means removing ceiling plaster in the garage and temporary roofing above.

The seven day forecast is predicting rain for next Saturday so I am not too sure how it will go.

Electric mulcher

Some of the output

Clamping assembly for holding beam in position