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2022-Mar-5 - Wooroloo - East Wall Window and Doors #5
A lot of little jobs out on site today.

1) When I arrived I found that the clear plastic sheeting over the side french doors had partly blown off.

The Gaffa tape was not strong enough. I kept the tape but stapled through it in to the cladding.

I figure that the layer of gaffa tape will let me extract the staples eventually without damaging the cladding.

2) One of the catches on the kitchen window sashes was interfering with the other sash.

I played around with the packers I am using to tilt it backwards slightly.

3) I touched up some of the chipped paint on two of the back wall french doors.

4) I re-established some strapping on the parntry stud frames - I snipped it many years ago to allow the frames to settle in to plumb.

5) I started bringing a number of bracing beams down to the undercroft level.

I discussed my off centre front door with Jim and he recommended that I fix it.


I fixed it.

Bringing the front door in to balance