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2013-Apr-20 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #73
We left home at 7.00 am and headed back at 5.30 pm.

My intention was to install all 36 high tensile bolts in to the beam and cross arms, pull and brace each column in to vertical and lock it all together.

I am aiming to install diagonal bracing timbers offset from the line of any stud walls so that the bracing can stay in place as the stud walls are built.

This means I need to make up a variety of clamping timbers that can then connect to the bracing diagonals.

I was so busy orgainising everyone else that I hardly managed to complete any of my job.

I completed one bracing timber and two columns of bolting but I needed to leave it to Thomas and Corinthin to install the bolts in the final two columns.

This at least gave me the chance to create the clamping timbers, even if they have not yet been installed.

Thomas and Corinthin completed so many tasks I may not be able to remember them all:

(1) Planted 6 paper barks and 4 bottle brushes along the creek line.

(2) Brush cutting.

(3) Gave the bamboo bush a very serious pruning and carrying all the prunings up to the compost pile.

(4) Applied enamel over the primer on the veranda columns.

(5) Installed the high tensile bolts.

(6) Transplanted 4 trees that had self seeded in the boral quarry dust in to the creek line.

Tony M also arrived to trim 25 mm off the 4 gluelams.

I had bought these for $800 five years ago but unfortunately they had been attacked by white ants.

I needed Tony's expertise to carefully cut away the first lamination layer to see how much damage had been inflicted.

Fortunately the attack was only 25 mm deep and we were able to clean the beams up completely.

I will not be able to use them for their original purpose now (need to buy some LVLs) but they will be overengineered to use for ridge boards perhaps.

Painting enamel over the primer on columns

Me checking the columns for vertical