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2013-Apr-13 - Wooroloo - Home Maintenance #9
We have been gradually working towards enclosing a few grassed areas (presently dust and kangaroo poo) so that we can have a little bit of lawn and keep the kangaroos out.

The other day, Linda and I were sitting outside at a table drinking coffee.

I remarked to her that it was a pity that we would be looking at our eventual grassed areas through fencing mesh.

Suddenly I had the insight that with the addition of a few more fences to our existing fences we could keep the kangaroos out of a whole zone around our house.

Then we could drop the idea of fencing around each lawn area.

This Saturday I stayed home instead of visiting Wooroloo.

I took Thomas and Corinthin through the process of erecting the first few panels and shot off to pick up some cheap 48 mm piping I had found on Gumtree.

By the end of Sunday they had done a great job of installing the panel.

They have done all the heavy lifting for me - now all I need to do is a fair bit of welding and tidying up work.

The main problem now is that it feels a little bit like we are inside a prison yard.

I am hoping that the judicious application of vines and plants will remove that atmosphere.