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2013-Apr-6 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #72
We left home at 7.00 am and headed back at 5.30 pm.

Thomas and Corinthin did a great job removing the buffalo grass on the far side of the creek.

Ross had advised me that we really needed to do this to give the young trees I have planted a chance when competing for food and water.

This was a big job and took them all of the day.

Around midday we headed out to look for some pea straw to cover the bare ground.

After dropping in and inquiring at a few stores we eventually located some at Gidge Rural.

Steve turned up to discuss craning in the 10 m beam.

He was just about to leave when his "rope man" suggested they tackle it immediately rather than in a week's time.

It was only 3.30 pm at this stage and they were confident they could knock the job over in about an hour.

The beam mated very well with the uprights and they managed to insert about 8 high tensile bolts - so the structure is very stable now.

Steve kindly purchased a six pack of beer - so we all sat around at the veranda steels and had a social drink to end the day.

All up - a very constructive day.

Removing buffalo grass

Removing buffalo grass

Craning in the beam

Beam from back

Beam from front