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2013-Mar-9 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #68
I had hoped to complete the columns by Friday evening and get them to Ross for final welding on Saturday.

However, I spent all of Saturday completing them and didn't reach Ross until 5.30 pm when I dropped them off.

First off I completed bevelling the welding surfaces of the knee braces.

Then I spent the rest of the day slowly working my way through tack welding the knee braces to the columns.

This was a slow process as I needed to clamp the cross arms to a piece of 180 PFC to avoid distortion as well as wait for the welds to cool down.

In the middle of all this I had to vote in the State election.

I was also lucky to catch up with Ian and have a coffee at Dome.

So all in all - a fairly slow day working from home.

Tuesday to Friday

I took a sample section of PFC 180 home with me.

I trimmed one end square and then used this to create a template of the inside section of the beam.

I already had some 160 mm x 10 mm plate and I used this along with the template to create the mounting plates that need to be welded inside the 180 PFC (this will allow two PFC150s to be bolted at right angle in line with the internal corridor)

These were originally quite a simple shape but I had to progressively cut out various notches in order for the 150 PFC to slide in to position.

Finally I drilled 4 x 12mm holes in each plate using the drill press, cleaned off the rust and old paint using a rotary steel brush and sprayed them with Galmet Primer for a neat finish.

LHS column

RHS column

Middle columns

Mounting plates in rough form

Mounting plates finished