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2013-Feb-16 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #65
We were out on site by 7.30.

Tanguy and Carole started work on the toe boards while I removed the corner flashing.

I then cleaned up column 3 and its corresponding socket and tested the insertion.

Carole did a lot of good work painting and applying rust converter to other columns and bases.

By now it was too hot and I was getting in Tanguy's way so I started work on making up templates for drilling the knee braces.

I popped in to Ross for some advice and he confirmed that the bolt hole spacing was correct.

During the hottest part of the day I had Tanguy and Carole working on stacking floorboards.

Going on some other advice from Ross, I examined the wasp nest that appeared to still be active.

When I looked closely I could see that he was correct - in effect, the wasps had abandoned work on this nest because it was now exposed to full sunlight.

The frantic activitiy I was seeing was only an illusion - the wasps were merely landing on this structure before heading inside the house frame to work on hidden nests.

I used a long length of bamboo to flick the structure off the house.

It came away easily and closer examination showed that the majority of occupied cells had "hatched".

I sprayed the surrounds with some insect repellant.

This appeared to dispel the wasps without killing them.

Later in the day we emerged in to lower temperatures.

Tanguy finished off the toe boards and I cut the lengths of 10mm x 75 mm steel bar for the knee braces.

I will use the drill press at home and the templates to create all the holes.

A lot of great work from the Wwoofers. Myself - I feel like I achieved almost nothing.


Showers and thunderstorms were forecast so around 6 pm I headed out to Wooroloo to reattach the edge sheeting and capping.

I'm pleased to see that there is almost no sign of the wasps anymore.


I spent the evening transferring the template positions on to the flat bar I had already cut and then drilled out 36 holes at 12 mm.

Scaffolding with completed kick boards

Templates and cut steel for knee brances

The one column I managed to test insert