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2013-Feb-9 - Wooroloo - Scaffolding #4
I had been using a variety of temporary odds and ends for the 800 mm scaffolding cross pieces and I wanted just 9 more metres to sort them out properly.

I had cleaned out my local scrap metal yard of 48 mm cyclone fencing poles.

I tried around a variety of other scrap metal yards and salvage yards.

It turned out I had obtained a really good deal last week and now my luck had run out.

However, on Wednesday I thought I would give the local scrap yard one more try.

They looked like they had just received about 60 rather rough, temporary builders fencing panels.

These contained some 2.5m lengths of 48 mm tube.

I was contemplating purchasing a couple of panels just for the 48 mm tube.

However, when I returned home, Linda told me that the local kangaroos had eaten her flowers.

I realised that we could replace our inadequate 90 mm fencing with some of these panels.

We shot back to the yard, just before closing time, and stopped them locking up the gate.

Rod gave me a very good deal for purchasing 30 of them.

On Thursday I had our wwoofers Tanguy and Carole make three trips to the scrap metal yard to bring them home.

We picked the eyes out of what was there but we ended up with 4 panels with badly bent cross pieces.

Quite a few others had broken welding to the upright but I can reweld these easily.

On Friday evening I cut out the damaged cross pieces and then cut out as many straight 800mm pieces as I could from these.

I ended up with 10 lengths and this turned out to be enough.

On Saturday, we were out on site at 7.00 am and left at 18.30.

Tanguy and Carole did an enormous amount of work and were very helpful.

(1) Stored away the timber and steel used in making the bridge to install the bent veranda beam.

(2) Brush cut all of the front of the block.

(3) Cut up timber in the firewood stack to manageable lengths.

(4) Applied more water proofing, primer and enamel to various parts of the veranda.

(5) Cleaned up a whole lot of purlins.

(6) Did a whole lot of work to help me finish errecting the scaffolding.

For myself I don't know where the day went.

I spent at least an hour cleaning up the cross pieces.

Next I adjusted my existing work so that I could drop the top level down below the peripheral beam.

This means I will be able to leave the scaffolding in position after this exercise and use them while installing purlins across the back wall.

By now it was 10.00 am and already becoming very hot behind the house.

I spent the rest of the day up until 5.00 pm moving in slow motion because of the heat.

I could perform 10 minutes of work followed by 20 minutes inside cooling off.

First I had to install the back cross pieces in the three existing bays.

Then at either end I installed the timber feet (a lot of messing around) plus the four cross pieces projecting out at each end.

I built one of the end ladders and Tanguy and Carole build a second one.

They ended up helping considerably in installing the two end ladders and we finished just as the sun went down.

A lot of work achieved today !


It started to rain lightly at 4.00 pm and I was concerned about rain damage at Wooroloo - the edge capping is removed at the moment.

I headed out to site, installed one row of scaffolding planks so that he scaffold was usable and then reattached the barge flashing and capping.

This mean I don't need to flinch every time it rains.

Lifting the planks up in to place on the scaffolding was really hard work.

The planks were very thick and heavy and needed to be lifted almost 3 metres.


I was up at 5.00 am and out on site by 6.15.

I spent the next two hours lifting and placing another two rows of planks up on to the scaffolding.

By 7.00 am it was already hot and humid and I was sweating heavily and very tired by the time I finished.

I still need to install the toe boards, the safety rail and the ladder.

Unfortunately the wasps are showing no signs of leaving.


After work I headed out to site.

I used a propane blowtorch to reshape some metal brackets in to pieces to clamp to the scaffold tubing.

I installed two timber diagonal braces at the extreme ends of the scaffold run - to keep the structure pushed up against the wall.

I stopped for a chat with both Ian and Ross.

Then I installed the safety railing.

Also I created a gap in the railing to allow access via a telescopic ladder.

The gap has its own swing rail.

I still need to install the toe boards.

I can't believe that I am still not finished on the scaffolding after all these hours of effort.

Tanguy brushcutting

Carole digging weeds

A lot of help with the scaffolding

Planks and edge capping installed on Monday

All planks installed (from above) Wednesday

All planks installed (from below)

Wasp nest is still active

Bracket I created between timber brace & tube

Diagonal timber braces

Entrance railing open

and closed