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2013-Feb-2 - Wooroloo - Scaffolding #3
I had spent all week preparing my scaffolding materials - cutting and welding lengths of 48 mm mild steel tubing.

By Friday I had a lot of materials at home - most of my tools, a trailer load of scaffolding planks, 6 x 3 m tubes, 6 x 4m tubes and 25 lateral tubes ranging from 2 m up to 2.8 m.

After work, at the end of the day - I loaded as much as was safe on to the utility and trailer with intention of taking one load out Friday evening, returning home, loading up the remainder and taking that out on Saturday morning.

I was too tired to be safe that evening so I left the first trip until Saturday.

As a consequence, I did not have all the materials out to site until 11.00 am

By the time I had the construction site cleared and started positioning the first upright it was 2.00 pm.

Initially the process was very slow as it was the first time I had installed scaffolding.

I had watched a few training videos on U tube and these alerted me to the fact that I needed the wooden feet and the steel feet.

However, all these videos showed the rapid systems rather that the tube and coupling system.

I had to pretty much invent the process myself.

I had always intended to tie the scaffolding in to the existing ceiling purlins and luckily I found some 50mm full circle brackets in my scrap metal supplies.

I attached these to some short pieces of stud bracing strapping and then screwed them in to the purlins.

This allowed me to stabilise the 3m vertical columns next to the wall.

With them safely held in position I could play around with the timber foot / base plates until the levels were correct.

After erecting the first 'ladder' along with top and bottom cross pieces, I was able to mark positions on all subsequent pieces and work gradually went faster and faster.

One useful feature of the scaffolding clamps is that they immediately hold any braced pieces pretty much at right angles. This means that short cross pieces could be installed on the wall most piece and they could immediately position and stabilise the outer upright.

Between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm it became very hot outside the house.

A lot of the time I could only work for 10 minutes before I had to retreat inside the house to cool down.

Eventually I had 4 vertical ladders (out of 6 ) installed and I found that clamping on the cross pieces was very easy at this stage.

I worked up to 8.30 pm with 3 bays substantially completed - still need bracing nearest the wall and planks across the top.

I had done a 15 hour day - so I have told myself that I will have a break from this until next weekend.

I still have 2 more bays plus the planks to put up.