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2013-Jan-19 - Wooroloo - Scaffolding #1
I have a whole lot of scaffolding clamps at home and steel piping.

I spent Sunday retrieving all the piping I could find in preparation to cleaning it up and welding it in to 3 and 4 metre lengths.

On Monday and Wednesday I visited my local scrap metal yard and was very pleased to find that I could buy cyclone fencing poles for 50c per Kg (ie scrap steel prices).

I ended up buying 12 lengths in all. Two were very long - 6 metres.

I am not sure about the strength but the maximum span I intend to use is only 2.4 metres so it will be safe. Also it can be butt welded together being mild steel.

I also found a scaffolding component supplier (Turbo Scaffolding & Formwork Pty Ltd) on the internet (located just South of Fremantle).

They had couplers and spare T bolts for a very reasonable price.

I sent poor, long suffering, Linda all the way from home to pick them up.

I now have all the components I need to scaffold across the back wall.

Over the last few days, every time I have a break from work, I have been gradually cleaning up all the pieces of pipe - cutting off daggy ends, bent sections.

This Saturday I will spend the day cutting and welding the lengths of pipe to length.

Tube awaiting cleaning up and butt welding

Scaffolding clamps