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2021-Mar-6 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #16
Last week I very quickly threw up some scaffolding just so that I could reinstall some flashing.

This week I came back and reworked this much more thoroughly.

The scaffolding planks tend to deflect a little in the middle of their spans as I walk across them.

I fitted additional pipes so that I could insert a timber support in the middle of each plank.

I also started installing a safety rail.

Plus I worked along the remaining short uprights next to the wall and extended them using swivel clamps and 1500 mm pipes.

All of this used up my supply of swivel clamps. I will need to order some this week.

The safety rail is not quite finished and is awaiting the clamps.

In some cases I did not need to insert a mid plank timber - for short spans and very thick planks.

In addition I had to reuse some of the planks from the lower level and replace them with some less optimal planks out of storage.

I still need to swap some planks around to achieve the best stiffnes.

It will probably take me two weekends all up to update the scaffolding but it is well worth it for safety and convenience.


We had no power because we were having a backup generator installed.

So I headed out to Wooroloo to work for my client and started installing the kick board for the scaffolding.


I was up early and working on another project followed up by coffee with Jeff.

We were finished by 11.30 after which I spent a couple of hours finishing off my main project.

After this I headed out to site again and finished off the kick board.

Progress by the end of the day

Progress by the end Thursday