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2012-Dec-1 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #60
We left at 7.00 am and were home by 6.30 pm.

Dalia and Gianluca did a lot of really useful work continuing with painting the columns - zinc primer, Kill Rust enamel, water proof membrance - whatever stage each column was up to.

I also had them inject expanding foam where appropriate to create a barrier between the inside of the columns and the surrounding earth.

This will allow me to pour something bituminous through the columns without polluting the ground water.

They also drilled some 12 mm mounting holes for the purlins.

Near the end of the day they also applied zinc primer and Rust Kill enamel to the 8 m beam.

As for myself - first off I tidied up the welds on to the columns.

Before I could finalise the corner weld I inserted two purlins to lock in the position near the corner.

This took me several hours.

The work on finalising the corner took me 3 or 4 hours.

I had some some large gaps (up to 5mm) to span.

I needed about 20 repetitions of building up weld and then grinding back.

The end result was very good.

I still have a slight bend near the large U beam that needs sorting out next week.


I started work for my clients really early today so I was able to get away at 4.30 pm and make a trip out to site.

I painted the outside of the 8m beam with Kill Rust Mission Brown enamel.

Drilling holes to take the purlins

Painting the completed 8 m beam

Completed 8 m beam

Front corner built up using multiple passes

After painting with Kill Rust Mission Brown