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2012-Nov-10 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #57
I had so much to do this weekend.

I wanted to install the 8m beam using the wooden bridge as well as keep Dalia and Gianluca busy painting the front columns.

Before the front columns could be painted they needed to be welded off to the front beam.

I headed out at 5.00 pm on Friday and managed to complete two of the columns.

I stayed overnight, got up at 5.00 am and completed another four by 9.00 am

Linda dropped Dalia and Gianluca out to Wooroloo at 7.30 and I started them on painting the U beam while I finished the welding.

They then did a brilliant job clearing all soil away from the base of the columns and gave them a good coating of Kill Rust Mission Brown.

Next they moved on to painting the main part of the beam but we were interrupted by a rain shower and around 5.30 pm we started to pack up.

I spent most of the day installing the 8m beam as planned.

I pivoted the beam and fed it very carefully on to the wooden bridge.

Luckily the exercise went exactly as I visualised - it just seemed to take four times longer than I ever imagined.

Once the deformed beam was in position I bolted it at the fishplate (about an hour of messing around with exact orientation) and then had a practise run at clamping steels on to it to straighten it.

I found that the beam was about 10 mm too long and would not quite engage correctly at the front corner.

I had to remove all the straightening steels and cut a small amount from off the end.

After this I achieved a very good result but by 5.30 I still had not completed the job.

I had to leave the beam with a number of clamps on it and hope it would be ok until next weekend - I still need to weld it to the columns and install some locking purlins.

Front columns before welding

After welding

Corner column cleaned up

Dalia and Gianluca painting the U Beam

Rust converting and painting the front beam

Installing the beam using the wooden bridge

Beam in original deformed state

Beam clamped into straight condition

Front corner after trimming beam to length