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2012-Nov-3 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #56
I was up at 5.00 am - there was a lot of packing to do because I had brought tools home during the week.

I left home with Dalia and Gianluca, our Italian Wwoofers, at 7.00 am

The day had dawned bright and sunny but the weather bureau had emphatically forecast rain.

The top priority job was to paint the cleats of the front veranda beam so I asked Dalia and Gianluca to do this as soon as we arrived.

While they made a start on the painting I brought in all the tools, food and other supplies.

As they finished the essential painting we could see rain fronts starting to come in from the west.

I switched Dalia and Gianluca over to brushcutting and chainsawing the remaining tree stumps.

This took quite a few hours. Dalia also ran around with the wheelbarrow and collected up weeds and fallen branches.

Toward the end of the day we moved on to denailing timber.

Dalia and Gianluca got a lot of work done - many thanks guys :-)

Meanwhile, in between other tasks I built the wooden bridge support for the front corner of the veranda.

I also used a chain block to pull the two columns in to the right positions and locked them down with star pickets and diagonal bracing.

I'm pretty much ready to install the 8m beam next weekend now.

We packed up and left around 6.00 pm

Dalia and Gianluca painting the cleats

Dalia brushcutting all the wild oats

Gianluca cutting up the remaining stumps

Denailing timber

The wooden bridge completed