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2022-Feb-12 - Wooroloo - East Wall Window and Doors #2
During the week I took down the two inner door pairs on the back wall and set about restoring them slightly.

This involved belt sanding some flakey paint off the bottom, washing off some mould, and filling in some gaps with 2 part epoxy.

Back home I finished painting the door pair that I mentioned last week.

Thursday, Friday

I built a poor man's glazier's rack on to the back of the utility and loaded up the two painted doors.

These have to be carried in an almost vertical orientation due to the large expanse of glass.

(all the back doors could be carried in a horizontal orientation because they consisted of 8 small glass panes.


Out on site I restacked some of the objects preventing access to the east side door frame, brushed away the leaves and cobwebs, installed my unique door holding bracket and then test placed the door pair in position.

The doors are about 5mm too high and 10 to 15 mm too narrow.

I need to bring a power saw next time to let me fit them accurately in to the door frame.

Then I will be able to measure the strip that needs to be added to build out the door width - so still a couple of weeks elapsed to finish that installation.

My own glazier's rack

Doors placed on the rack

Test fit out on site