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2012-Oct-20 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #54
I was keen to install the tv antenna so I headed out on Friday evening with an hour of light up my sleeve.

I also temporarily took a small tv with me to test out the installation.

I mounted the brackets I had created on to one of the 75mm columns, butt welded two pieces of water pipe together, clamped the antenna to the mast and errected the whole assembly.

I was rewarded with excellent reception.

I'm afraid it did not help me drift off to sleep that evening but at least it is one more facility installed.

I didn't sleep well on Friday night so I couldn't rouse myself until 7.00 am and made a start at about 8.00.

I spent some time cleaning up and unloading materials from the utility.

Next back to working on the timber bridge for the 8m beam.

This involved rebating some joints on the upright timbers in order to snuggly fit cross brackets around the steel column - some really rough bush carpentry happening here :-)

Ian turned up at this point to install the U beam on to its columns.

We sat around talking for an hour, having a coffee.

Then in to action.

Ian rigged up a chain on a boom on his bob cat and had the beam installed in 20 minutes.

This involved a lot of confused running around on my part and bashing things with a hammer until they were in place.

I was the rope man but I'm afraid I didn't really know what I was doing and I wasn't much use.

We applied a multitude of clamps and also some temporary bracing back to the building.

Then another hour chatting and drinking coffee.

After Ian left I spent two hours welding the U beam down to its landings.

It's finally installed - I never thought I would see the day.

Then back to building a timber bridge until I could barely see in the gloom of approaching night.


After work I shot out to Wooroloo with an hour of sunlight.

I was about to rust convert the 8m beam where it lay but I realised that in its current position a lot of leaves from a wattle were falling on it.

Instead I spent the time rolling and leveraging the beam across to a new position and up on to gluts.


After work I applied a rotary steel brush using an angle grinder and then coated the beam with rust converter.

TV antenna installed - about 8m up in the air

Antenna clamp detail

Bush carpentry

Ian preparing the boom to lift the beam

Beam in place

Ian making it safe

Welding off to platforms

The finished result

More work on the timber bridge

Rust converting the 8m