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2012-Oct-13 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #53
I was up at 5.00 am and out on site by 6.30

I worked right up to 6.30 pm and packed up in the dark lit by the flood light.

First, I washed off the very last rust converter on the large beam.

Then I installed the flashing over the garage wall.

I am a bit short because I used up quite a lot of it across the front wall a few weeks ago.

I'll have to get an order in with Rusty first thing Monday.

A couple of hours went on setting up the line on all the columns on the garage entrance side.

They seemed to be all over the place which is a bit puzzling as I had them all lined up with diagonal bracing several months ago.

Next I built a timber landing platform around the RHS column of the large beam.

This is intended to be a guide when installing the last 8m length in a couple of weeks time.

I also installed the missing diagonal brace and locked in both verticals.

There were intermittent showers during the day and at one stage we had an hour of continuous rain.

I spent the time assembling an antenna that I intend to install over the next few weeks.

I find that if I stay overnight I really have trouble sleeping - so I'm going to try bringing a small TV with me everytime I stay over and see if that helps me to drift off more easily.

Finally I made a start on the next column.

We are now ready to install the large beam next weekend.


In the evening, while watching a movie I fitted all the appropriate connectors to the RG6 coax cable I purchased for the antenna connection.

I have also bought two U bolts and picked out lengths of water pipe and flat bar to construct a mast and clamping brackets. I'll work on these whenever I have a spare moment amongst all the other chores.


I started work for my clients very early and by 3.30 pm I had completed my hours for the day.

I very much want to prime the U beam while it is still on the ground and this will take a couple of visits so I shot out to Wooroloo.

Just as night was falling I managed to complete the three accessible surfaces.

Probably I will be back on Wednesday to turn the beam over and finish the last side.


I popped out to Wooroloo in the middle of the day for a short break from work.

I flipped over the large beam and primed the last surface.

I also cut up a steel bar, drilled some holes in it and painted it with primer - this created four components that will form the bracket to clamp the television antenna mast on to one of the columns.

Installing flashing

Setting up bridgework

Adjusting verticals with a diagonal

Starting bridgework on next column

Antenna assembled and ready to mount

Priming the U Beam

Finishing off the priming

Television mast bracket component