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2012-Sep-29 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #51
I had intended to be out one site as early as 6.30 am but somehow ended up going to bed at midnight.

Consequently I didn't arrive until 9.30 am.

I had two more purlins to finish off.

Somehow this took most of the day.

Then a couple of hours of cleaning up - putting away the bricks, timber spacers, star pickets, etc.

The beam looks like it is very straight now - accurate to within 2 mm.

I still have a lot more welding to do on to the columns - they are only part welded at the moment.

I'm a bit afraid that too much heat is going to throw my beautifully straight beam out of alignment - so I'll wait until another day until I'm feeling stronger before I tackle this.

Next job - install flashing to the side near Ross and mark up the cleat positions.

I'll start getting ready for the large U beam for the car entrance.

Winching and welding

Purlin locking good work in to place

Last Locking purlin in place

After a good cleanup - bricks, spacers, rubbish