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2012-Sep-1 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #47
I was out on site at 8.30 am and left at 6.30 pm.

I knew exactly what I needed to do today and I was very efficient.

I needed to create 4 right angle tags with a 12 mm mounting hole on each. I created these in one operation from some pieces of PFC.

Next - there were three positions that needed a bolt placed through the 75 mm square column.

I did all this in one operation as well.

Then I ground appropriate bevels on all tags and clamped them in to postion for welding.

Finally I welded everything in to position.

I also need to weld some knee braces either side of the tank where I could not insert bracing.

I created a cardboard template to measure up the appropriate dimension and cut out one trial piece.

The first fitting showed that 20 mm needed to be shaved off.

By now, night was falling so I packed up and headed home.

Even though I had worked very well all day I still felt that I had achieved almost nothing.

Next week I will finalise the knee braces and then install the two sets of cross braces.

Fabricated tags

Bolt thru front corner column

Bolt thru mid column

Bolt thru tank column

Tag on front corner column

after welding

Mid Column tag

Front corner tag

Mid front tag

Cardboard template

Knee brace