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2022-Feb-5 - Wooroloo - East Wall Window and Doors #1
During the week I continued painting the stair well sashes and the next set of french doors.

On Saturday I was out on site and continued the touch ups on the two sets of french doors that I had reinstalled on the back wall.

The main job was to create access to the kitchen window.

This was blocked by remnants of the temporary roof.

I spent most of the day peeling off the layers of corrugated iron and patches and then removing the supporting frames.

Still more work to do here but now I have good clear access to the kitchen window so that I can install the 4 sashes.

I am still waiting for the spiral springs to arrive (and also for the latest putty to harden).

Back home I will continue painting the set of french doors intended for the east side wall.

Creating access to the kitchen window