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2012-Aug-18 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #45
Jason and Simon did some brilliant work today.

First off they treated a section of veranda beam that had been primed by Tim.

This was painted "Mission Brown" with "RustKill"

Next - they built some semi permanent scaffolding in front of the tank.

This is a very difficult area to work on or to erect a ladder in.

I left this job to their own initiative and they did a great job constructing a strong, safe scaffold out of lengths of jarrah and planking.

While I was helping Ross next door activate his new modem for the first time they rubbed back the front section of steel and painted it with zinc primer.

A great job ! Many thanks !

While all of this was going on, I installed cross bracing on the front row of columns towards Ian's side.

The tags worked well but it is still really tough work cutting the thread in to the rod.

I came back on Sunday to install the second set of bracing on the columns facing towards Ian's property.

The threading really takes it out of me - so I'm thinking tentatively that next weekend I will do one brace on Saturday and then finish the last brace on Sunday.

The tags are only tek screwed to the columns at the moment so I will still need weld them on to the faces of the columns.

The completed scaffolding

Jason and Simon

Front bracing

Side bracing