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2012-Aug-4 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #43
I was out on site by 8.00 am and finished off at 6.00 pm.

I had done a lot of preparatory work during the week - I brought with me 8 lengths of 12mm rod with bends and threads already completed.

First off I needed to weld two short pieces of rod together.

After this, I marked up the position of the central turnbuckle against the string line.

I then used these marks to mark off the cutting length of the four rods needed in the first brace.

I threaded up two pieces to make up one diagonal.

I was surprised by how far out my measurements were.

I had enough adjustment available in the threads but I had to set the two pieces up at their extremes.

Once I had the first diagonal in place I was able to measure the 3rd and 4th pieces accurately and thread them up.

I ended up with a very good, tight symmetrical criss-cross brace.

As part of the process I set up a working bench of sorts - this consisted of two planks bolted down to wooden horses with a vice bolted on to one end.

The vice was very useful to hold the rod while cutting threads.

I then set about working on the other side of the tank.

The overflow pipe is in the way but last week I determined that it would be possible to extend the overhead section of pipe and move the assembly away from the tank by about 80 mm.

Last week when I popped the overflow pipe out I received a small dribble of water on my head.

This time, as I was moving the ladder in to place, to reach the overhead pipe I accidently knocked it out.

I was astonished to receive a deluge of water that lasted for 10 minutes.

Apparently during the week the tank had filled up to the very top and I had to wait for the top 100mm to run out.

The water dissipated very quickly - this was a good indication that the underground drainage is working well.

I was concerned that the drainage pipe to the sump was blocked but in the end I found that at the tank outflow a filter covered in organic sludge.

This is what was stopping the top 100 mm of the tank draining.

I cut the filter out, extended the pipe and checked the drainage by inserting a hose in to the down pipe.

This week I had brought my impact drill along with its nice long drill bits.

I very quickly had the two brackets dynabolted down.

I also drilled out two overhead 12 mm holes in the PFCs. Again not a job I enjoyed.

By now it was dark and time to pack up.

Next week I should be able to finish off the second set of bracing quite quickly.

First brace

Close up

Deluge from the tank

Remnants of organic skin over filter