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2012-Jul-7 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #39
Slow start.

I left home around 8.00 am and started work at 9.30 am.

The first task was to trim off the rough end to length and then notch it down by 50 mm.

I used the 5 inch angle grinder with the very fine cutting disks again as well as clamping on guide pieces.

This all took about an hour but achieved a good result.

Next I dismantled the jig pieces used for erecting the coloumns and set up a new jig marked out with the cleat positions of the outside peripheral beams.

I used a long straight edge to mark up the cleat positions on the diagonal beam.

Next, using the same straight edge, with some additional clamping I was able to position and tack weld the cleats on to the beam.

This took me up to 5.00 pm. Then half an hour's packing away, a bit of dinner and I headed home.

50 mm notched out

Bevel end correctly positioned

Jig for marking up

Cleat positions marked up

Jig for spot welding

Cleats spot welded