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2022-Jan-29 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #60
During the week I made a few visits to site and continued with painting and cleaning up the back wall doors.

I am now up to the point where I need to reinstall them and move on to top coating the other two sets of french doors.

I am working my way through carefully chiselling out any paint that has seeped in to the rebates - just a little more of this and then I can remount the doors.

At the moment I am spending more time at home preparing the window sashes and doors.

About 4 years ago I prepared one of the pairs of sashes for the kitchen window .

Being a first attempt, they were rather untidy.

I have cleaned up the putty work a little and repainted them.

In the last week I have also completed glazing the second pair of sashes for this window.

I am letting the putty dry for a week before attempting to apply any primer.

I have also completed the refurbishment of two sashes for the stairwell window and I am currently waiting on some glass panels for the glazing.

There are still a number of doors to prepare - a set of french doors on the back wall, a set on the east wall and the front door.

Currently I am in the process of painting the east wall set.

Scrap boards for floorboard plugs - all organised

Kitchen window sashes all glazed

Stairwell sashes being processed

East side doors being processed