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2022-Jan-22 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #59
Each week is going to be rather similar for a while.

At home I am working through the sashes and doors and out on site I am nudging along painting the back wall doors and door jambes.

I had one particular win during the week.

When I process a sash, I completely dismantle it, removing any glass and the old putty.

Sometimes this putty has the consistency of concrete and can be very time consuming to remove and possibly cause the underlying timber to be damaged in the process.

Several years ago I spent a weekend creating a jig that allows me to route out the old putty using a small hand held trimmer.

I retrieved this from storage, and after a bit of fussing around to set up the correct positiioning, I found it was a very quick way to do the clean up.

Currently I have one fully painted set of sashes (for the kitchen window) waiting for me to insert the glass and putty.

I also have a set (for the stairwell window) that has been stripped, cleaned and reglued.

I will be taking this to Mundaring Glass and Security this morning for them to measure up the lites.

I will also be ordering spiral balance springs for both windows.

Meanwhile on site - I am attempting to remove a lot of "rubbish" from the street level so that I can take away more of the old temporary roof.

This means that some materials need to be moved down to the void area (and a lot need to be thrown out).

On Australia Day I spent many hours cleaning out the void.

I have a stack of jarrah offcuts that I have not touched for 10 years.

Now a days, I work on the principle that if something has been sitting on a shelf for over ten years then I do not need it.

Most of the stacked timber ended up in a pile for my neighbour to take away as fire wood.

I also have three very heavy acro props lying on the floor and getting in my way all the time.

I will bring these home and store them away.

Sash before dismantling, cleaning, repairs

Trimmer with collet fitted

Jig for removing very hard putty

Sash glued and clamped

Kitchen sashes - 2 coats primer, 2 top coat