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2022-Jan-15 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #58
I have visited the site several times during the week.

I have continued working on refreshing the doors from the extreme left and extreme right.

While the doors are out of the frame I am taking the opportunity to paint / refresh the door jambs and stops.

The room is filled with a variety of items at various progressive stages of restoration - from unpainted to repaired to primed to top coated.

On each visit I will nudge these along a little.

At the moment I am experimenting with applying the top coat without any masking tape - I am holding a thin sheet of aluminium in place as a mask.

I am seeing a considerable amount of paint bleed on to the glass panes but I will investigate how difficult or easy this is to clean up using a razor blade.

I also has a little bit of finishing off work for the floorboard installation.

I had a temporary support frame that still needed to be reinstalled.

Also the access in to the loft floor level from the stairwell void needed to be improved.

Finally I needed to close off the access to the loft floor from the eastern side to reduce fire risk.

Back home I am cleaning up and regluing two of the sash window frames.

These will need priming, top coating and glazing.

This will allow me to fill in the kitchen window void out on site.

Doors in various stages of refurbishment

Closing off access to the loft floor level