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2022-Jan-8 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #57
There were no new postings for the last two weeks as we dealt with Christmas and New Year.

I spent this time working on our residence.

It has been badly neglected because all my time and energy has been going in to the Wooroloo project.

I have been cleaning up all the leaves and twigs and still have some way to go.

Also I would like to get our reticulation working again so I put a few days in to setting up the vegetable patch for Linda.

Once out at Wooroloo on Saturday I found it difficult to make a start and to have any clarity about my priorities.

I am still a little burned out from the big push to remove the pine trees and other fire hazards.

The first job that I was clear in my mind about was restoring the back wall doors.

Only two need any real assistance.

I made the mistake of letting these face the winter weather with only a primer coat.

The two most exposed doors had paint blistering and cracks appearing.

I was concerned that the bottom panel of these doors would need replacing.

However, once I took these doors down, laid them on carpentry horses and hit them with a belt sander I could see that the problems were much less severe than I feared.

I just needed a small amount of 2 pack epoxing to fill the cracks and then I will need to progressively apply primer and top coats.

In fact I have decided to give all the doors a subsequent coat of primer and then the top coat - a job to be performed in the background - a little bit each week.

Next I moved my attention to the loft floor.

I turns out that I had large quantities of rubbish and other materials lying around here.

Most of the day went of removing and sorting this.

I need to close of the access on the eastern side as this is a potential fire hazard.

At home I will start working on the sash frames and the missing doors.

Setting up reticulation at home

Restoring the worst doors