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2012-Mar-24 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #30
I was really keen to weld the bases of the front columns.

I had tried welding the first one last week.

It looked a little untidy so I spent a few minutes grinding back the ugly edges.

I then went to work on the next three - this took me the whole day.

Each screw pile needed to be plated over wherever a hole interfered with welding down the column walls.

I had to cut out all sorts of shape from some scrap plating.

Also, my first attempt at welding 4 mm wall to 10 mm screw pile resulted in punching holes through the metal.

Subsequently I reduced the current right down to 80 amps.

This meant that I needed to lay down 4 tracks for each weld and ended up with some very time consuming work.

I still have 3 columns to go and helpfully I can knock these over next week.


I was becoming concerned about forcast rain and its effect on the rust converted surfaces.

I nipped out to site at 5.00 pm and applied a coating of zinc primer to the inside surface of the front PFC.

I'm hoping to get out another day during the week and complete the other faces.


Nipped out to site in the evening and painted the two smaller surfaces of the beam. (and recoated some areas of the previous work)

#1 from last week - cleanup

#2 before

#2 after

#3 after

#4 after

Zinc priming the front beam