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2021-Dec-18 - Wooroloo - Cleanup #3

I loaded up the canopy laying around the yard and took it to the green waste at the local transfer station.

Ian had also done a lot of work from his side of the boundary and had cut down much of the bamboo and creeper near his shed.

We spent quite a few hours working cooperatively to clean up this area.

I ended up with a utility load of rakings.

My next job was to set up the possum boxes by screwing on lengths of chain


I stayed overnight and at 8.00 am the next morning I dropped the latest load off to the green waste.

Barry arrived and dropped the last standing trunk.

He then helped me to drag the timber sections out on to the back lawn - I used the utility and a rope.

It certainly is easier when there is a second person to wrangle the timber as it becomes jambed in the remaining stumps.

After this, Jim, Sandy, Linda, Barry and I all had coffee and cakes.

Next Barry hauled the two possum boxes up in to the gum trees - this was hard work and took him a couple of hours.

He also trimmed off dead wood as he went.

When everyone had left, I took a breather for a couple of hours and then turned my attention to loading the first log on to my trailer.

Jim and Sandy turned up and offered some ideas and assistance.

In the end we used the chain block attached to the front of the trailer to winch the log on.

I felt like I had had enough of cleaning up by this stage and did not want to think about it again for a while.


By now, I had recovered enough to think about dropping the log off to the "Men's Shed" in Mundaring.

Linda came with me to show the spot that she had previously agreed on for the drop off.

We had to use a crow bar to lever the log off the trailer but overall it was easier than I expected.


We are experiencing a heat wave over the Christmas period and I wanted to cut down a few more trees before a total fire ban is imposed. (it turns out that the fire ban came in to effect that morning).

Anyway - this is the reason I headed out to site that day.

I loaded up all the branches that Barry had trimmed off on Saturday.

Also I dropped two wattle trees near the back door and loaded them on to the trailer.

These I took to the green waste.

The rest of the day went in to cleaning up a large pile of odds and ends stacked near the back door.

I move many sheets of corrugated iron to a new pile.

A lot of items in this pile had been covered up and forgotten for the last 10 years so I made the bold assumption that I would not need them and gave most of them away to my neighbours.

Where I was working is a sun trap and very hot - 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off - working schedule.

This took me up to 6 pm before everything was sorted away and all the debris raked up - I have ended up with at least 12 large garbage bags of leaves.

So next weekend, yet more trips to the transfer station.

When will I ever get back on to construction ?

Logs needing disposal

Bamboo thicket cleared away

One log loaded for removal

Stack at back door all cleaned up