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2012-Feb-25 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #26
Out to site at 7.00 am and left at 6.00 pm.

We had Stefan, staying with us as a Wwoofer and he completed all sorts of wonderful jobs during the day that really cleaned up a whole lot of mess that had been annoying me.

When we had the flood a month ago it washed a whole lot of debris up against the mesh fencing that was protecting the trees along the creek line against sheep.

This was pushing the mesh out of place and crushing the small trees.

Also I did not know if the retic was still working.

Stefan raked away all the unwanted material and placed it on one of our organic piles.

He was keen to have a go with the brushcutter after this and did a very complete job of tidying away all the tall grass and weeds in the area next to the creek.

Next I showed him how to use the chainsaw and he did a splendid job cleaning up and sorting all the wood that washed in during the flood.

Then back to more brushcutting across the other side of the creek.

After this I asked Stefan to change over the blades on the lawn mower and then help me sort and load away all the tools.

So a tremendous amount of work achieved by Stefan during the day and this has really lifted the feel of the block and save me losing a day from construction.

As for myself - I had just managed to complete the mounting plates and fish plates during the week and I spent the entire day installing them.

This was a slow process as I performed a lot of cross checking for squareness, level and alignment.

I tack welded the U beam platforms on to the top of two columns and tack welded the fish plates on to the ends of the u Beam.

It would have been nice to weld some cleats on as well but I was really expecting to only install the plates today.

Completed Landing for U beam

Landing tack welded in place

Stefan brushcutting

Fish plate tack welded to U beam

Stefan changing over blades on lawn mower

The excellent results of all of Stefan's work