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2012-Jan-20 - Wooroloo - Yard #18
In Mundaring we had thunderstorms and some rain on Friday.

I received a phone call from Ross say they had received huge amounts of rain and that the creek had flooded.

He said that water was lapping over the doorway to the garage.

This did not worry me much as I have built the house assuming some flooding in the lowest level periodically (there is no timber or plaster board in the construction and the power cabling is a metre from ground level). Later in the day, Ian Chalmers was passing the house and rang me to report.

I asked him to go inside the house and have a look.

There is just a thin layer of mud on the garage floor (didn't reach in to the kitchen area) and a few bags of cement and cardboard boxes on the floor are damaged.

Just about everything else is up on gluts and unaffected.

So it looks like my design has worked out well.

Minor flooding in the garage

My little bridge over creek moved a bit