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2012-Jan-28 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #22
A very hot day forecast.

I was out on site by 7.00 am but by 2.00 pm it was too hot to think straight so I headed home.

For about half an hour I wandered around the site and cleaned up a little from the flooding on the previous Friday.

There is a very thin coating of mud on the garage floor but apart from that we got away with it very cheaply.

I carried on with the 40 cleats needed on the front veranda steel.

This is going much better now that I am using a new welder.

Ross popped over for a while and provided me with a much better brand of electrodes.

These give a glass like flux covering and a much smoother, more consistent weld - some of the best welds I have ever done in my life.

When I finished the front beam, it was too hot for me to even think about measurements and tackling the next beam.

I turned on the air conditioner, had a brief nap and waited to see if conditions would improve.

Eventually I gave up and returned home.

First 40 cleats installed on front beam