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2012-Jan-21 - Wooroloo - Home Maintenance #7
With Linda coming home on Tuesday I was determined to make our residence as welcoming as possible.

I have been raking, sweeping and cleaning assiduously while Linda has been away but this weekend I needed to make a special push.

There is an area at the bottom of 3 tiers of retaining wall that has been left half constructed ever since we had the fire fighting water tank installed.

Whenever I have paid anyone to do gardening or we have had Wwoofers, I have been working towards having this tidied up.

This weekend I chipped out about 2 inches of rather tired top soil (mainly building sand), dug holes and mixed in potting mix, planted geraniums and covered the bed with 2 inches of mulch.

Also in the front driveway there has been a mound of yellow sand that was delivered in the wrong position by the landscaping company.

It has been annoying me for a long time and I finally screened it all and moved it.