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2011-Dec-24 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #18
I had been invited to catch up with someone for lunch on Christmas eve so I decided to nip out on Friday afternoon to bring back some items to work on over the Christmas weekend.

I loaded up the piece of PFC that I had picked out the previous weekend as well as the welder and a number of other tools.

Back home, I was very pleased with myself for unloading the heavy beam without injury or effort - I used a little trolley that someone had given me years ago.

I set the steel beam up on horses near the back door of our house in Mundaring.

On Saturday morning I had two attempts to cut a 45 degree mitre off one end - I achieved a reasonable result on the second try.

On Sunday morning I ran over it with a steel brush on an angle grinder, welded up a hole in one face and treated it with rust converter.

On Monday I bought some cold galvanising paint and later that day gave it a good coating.

There is probably no point in doing the final coat at this stage as welding on the cleats will do a lot of damage to any painted surfaces.

Back corner section prepared at home